Contrary to the slogans from from the Dot.Com years, eBusiness for the insurance industry is not a 'business revolution'. It is a process of evolving the way insurance companies integrate new communication technologies to enhance and streamline their operations. InformINSí software enables insurance companies, MGAs, agencies and customers to conduct typical industry transactions, not through some new business paradigm, just faster, easier, and at a significant cost savings. By leveraging the Internet as an efficient communication medium, we offer our clients the ability to conduct business anytime and anywhere. Having the right eBusiness systems in place allows your company to increase sales, reduce expenses and provide better customer service.

Our software was developed by insurance experts specifically for insurance companies, MGAs, and insurance agencies. Knowing how the insurance business operates from first hand experience is the key to developing software which provides real world solutions.

The InformINS system is scalable and proven in the marketplace. It is currently being used by thousands of insurance customers and over 5000 insurance agencies in 10 states. Our software and service provides the best and most cost effective solutions available in the insurance industry. On the following pages you will be introduced to some of our software product offerings.

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