InformINS' enterprise networks reflect the new world of e-business, extending across the Internet to connect customers, partners, and remote users. InformINS delivers the most advanced and cost effective technology infrastructure solutions for the insurance industry. Our technical team constantly monitors and updates our service offerings as technology evolves. With InformINS your business is assured state of the art e-business technology. InformINS lets your company focus on insurance. We manage the complex and ever changing world of today's insurance Information Technology.

The e-business start up costs are staggering for carriers and MGAs. Serious insurance e-business requires highly available, fault tolerant, scalable, secure 24x7 technology infrastructure. Running your e-business from a server at your company's office is NOT the answer.

Let the people that know Insurance and Technology improve your efficiency, save your company money, and help you build your brand and attract more customers! InformINS partners with tier one world-class Data Center providers. Each data center provider is set up to make certain data access will be up and running 24x7. With national OC12 & OC48 backbone, public and private peering, redundant connections to each data center, on-site UPS, diesel backup generators, and secured access, you know that our systems have reliable and scalable Internet connectivity.

Each data center is linked to a National Operations Center (NOC) for 24x7 monitoring. The NOC can provide:
  • Standard reporting
  • Optional load balancing and redirection
  • Off-site tape storage
  • Web data delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) on all systems
  • Hosted in telco hardened facilities with backup generators at national exchange points
  • Connectivity configurations of 2Mbps burstable to 10 Disaster recovery mirroring
  • Mbps or dedicated 10Mbps burstable to 45Mbps
Our online security was developed to meet the demanding requirements of Enterprise VPNs providing secure Internet-based connectivity to corporate networks, remote and mobile users, satellite offices, and partner sites. Software-based VPN Gateway products include plug-and-play VPN appliances, client-based VPN software, VPN acceleration cards, and turnkey Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) products.

InformINS' architecture meets the Internet security challenges facing companies in the age of e-business. We incorporate all the critical elements for a secure Internet environment. Unlike currently available VPNs and firewalls, our approach provides secure and seamless Internet connectivity between networks, systems, applications and users across the Internet, intranets and extranet.

InformINS' prove, patented technology foundation solutions include the use of world class vendors such as IBM®, Cisco®, Veritas® and Microsoft®.
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